What Does It Mean When He Stops Using Condoms

Has your partner made it clear that he wishes to discontinue condom use? Are you perplexed as to why he would propose such a thing? Perhaps he’s given you a reason, but you’re looking for the whole truth.

In either case, this guide should prove beneficial. It includes a list of the most frequently cited reasons why men attempt to discontinue condom use.

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Contraception can be a touchy subject for some men, and as a result, it’s more common than you think for him to be less than candid about his intentions.

Therefore, continue reading for a comprehensive list of possible explanations. I hope this helps you figure out what is going on.

13 Possible Meanings When He Stopped Using Condoms

  1. He wishes to enhance the pleasure he receives from sex.

While the reality of STDs has increased people’s comfort with condom use, research indicates that many people, particularly men, continue to believe that condom use during penetrating sex reduces sensitivity and enjoyment.

The thing is, some men, particularly married men, are unaccustomed to having sex using condoms.

That is because it is uncommon for married couples to use protection unless they are not interested in having children for an extended period of time and are also opposed to birth control pills.

Therefore, if you’re dating a man who recently divorced, chances are he hasn’t seen a condom in a very long time.

As a result, it’s not surprising that sex may feel less pleasurable for him now that he hasn’t used it in years.

  1. He wishes to astonish you

Men are highly sensitive to sexual issues. Men can be quite sensitive about their partner’s perception of their performance in bed, from the size of their penis to how well they perform under the sheets.

Naturally, men determine the duration of sexual activity. Once he orgasms, the story is technically over, unless he can quickly justify it.

Therefore, if you’re complaining about not being able to enjoy the parade as much as you’d like, he may want to suggest the condom is to blame.

Given that some women report enjoying condom-free sex more, your man may be ditching the condom in order to please you even more.

  1. He is simply irresponsible/carefree.

Believe it or not, some men are simply irresponsible when it comes to sexual protection. If you’ve recently begun having sex with a guy and he’s not overjoyed about condom use, chances are he doesn’t care at all.

Certain men are like this. They simply believe they are invincible or have an erroneous sense of being fortunate.

As a result, they naturally believe they cannot become infected. How about discussing a method of contraception? They are satisfied with the withdrawal method used just prior to ejaculation.

Avoid becoming ensnared in their folly. That is most likely how they are with other females. You’d be wise to demand safe sex.

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  1. He is displeased with the brief interruption.

To be fair, I agree to pause for a few seconds to slide on a condom and present a “break-in transmission.” As a result, it’s unsurprising that some men struggle to use conforms, even if they have one lying around the house.

Additionally, if your sex is not usually planned, i.e. your sex is almost always spontaneous and possibly in awkward locations, using conforms may be difficult for him. Additionally, interrupting the foreplay to go get one may not be high on his priority list at the time.

  1. He has grown accustomed to having sex with you.

Yes, there is chemistry, fireworks, or whatever your preferred term for meeting a guy is. You can never be too cautious, which is why you begin the sex with protection. It’s entirely natural.

It’s not as if you suspect he has any STDs or anything. Furthermore, you don’t want to have a baby right now, so using a condom is the prudent choice for both of you.

However, he is growing accustomed to you over time. Sex between you two has become a natural occurrence that occurs more frequently and spontaneously.

Given the likelihood that a couple of quickies will occur frequently, it’s natural for him to abandon the condom.

  1. He feels secure/at ease around you

Yes, after several months of dating, your man may begin to feel secure with you. Often, this point has nothing to do with when you met or began dating.

It may not even be related to the fact that both of you had a blood test. Individuals can test negative for infection today, engage in multiple, carefree sexual encounters, and later become STD carriers.

If you lack trust in someone, even after dating for a while, it may be difficult to have non-protective sex with them.

However, feeling secure or comfortable may occasionally be a natural state of being. You’re familiar with the “it’s as if I’ve known you forever” sensation.

  1. His level of commitment has increased

The top three reasons given for not using a condom are increased commitment, trust, and the desire to become exclusive.

Men are prone to hopping from one sexual partner to the next, so when a man increases his commitment level, the chances are he will stop sneaking around.

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If he feels you and is in the same boat as you, it’s natural for him to want to do what real couples do, which includes unprotected sex.

  1. You are attractive to him and appear to be clean.

Believe it or not, research indicates that many men are more likely to engage in non-condom sex when their partner is relatively attractive. Why? They are naturally hot or pretty women are “clean,” which means they are unlikely to have any STIs.

While this is a false sense of security, many men mistakenly portray attractive women as clean. Indeed, another study conducted by the Kinsey Institute of research found that attractive men frequently believe they are “clean” and thus believe they are better at determining “clean” women.

Although men have a different yardstick for determining female attractiveness, it was discovered that good-looking guys are the highest proportion of men who equate to women’s attractiveness and cleanliness.

  1. You began using oral contraceptives.

Another study found that men’s decision to use condoms is influenced more by the possibility of becoming pregnant than by the possibility of contracting a STI.

The study discovered that men, both younger and older, no longer feel the need to use a condom when their female sex partners begin using birth control pills.

This decision to forego condoms may also be motivated by a sense of security. That is, once he is confident he is not at risk of contracting a STI, and perhaps he is certain he is the only one sleeping with you, the only remaining concern is an unwanted pregnancy.

Naturally, a birth control pill eliminates the concern about becoming pregnant.

  1. He’s insecure

The reality is that people are far too dramatic and make judgments about their relationships based on their condom use. A condom is a precautionary measure. It makes no difference if he is “clean” now.

When a man begins to complain about things like ‘I don’t feel close enough to you with a condom.’ ‘Do you have any doubts about me?’ ‘We’ve been together for months’, ‘I don’t feel important to you with a condom between us’—chances are he’s insecure, which is causing him to cram intimacy, trust, and safety into a single package.

He’s already inside you, and he’s capable of getting even closer. If you do not feel secure or confident in your relationship, you should insist on condom use.

  1. He wishes to conceive a child with you.

Perhaps at the beginning of your relationship, you and your partner laid all of your cards on the table, which may include deferring pregnancy until a later date.

If he recently changed his mind and there are no trust issues between you, desire for a child may be an obvious reason to discontinue condom use.

Naturally, he should discuss his readiness to start a family with you to ascertain your support.

However, if he is the one who initially declines to have a child, abandoning the condoms without a formal discussion may simply be his way of communicating that he is completely prepared.

  1. He is not a fan of condoms.

This notion could have been sparked by Hollywood. How often have you seen Hollywood sex scenes in which one of the parties reaches for a condom?

Yes, perhaps one or two films, correct? Believe it or not, pop culture dictates what we consider to be cool, and believe me when I say that we occasionally unconsciously follow what the media says.

  1. You never carry condoms with you

I completely understand that in the majority of relationships, the responsibility for purchasing and bringing condoms to the sex venue has been unconsciously placed on the men.

This is partly due to the stigma attached to women by society. Numerous women have complained of being slut-shamed for carrying a condom pack.

As a result, it is uncommon for most women to purchase them at convenience stores.

Occasionally, if there is no formal agreement between you to use a condom, your man may simply decide to stop because he believes it is solely his choice.

He may believe you don’t care if he uses a condom or not. However, if you also present a condom prior to sex, he will know for certain that you desire one.

What Does It Mean When He Stops Using Condoms

When in a Relationship do You stop using Condoms?

This response to this question is contingent upon the cooperation of both parties in the relationship.

Generally, most people begin having sex without using a condom when they are aware of their exclusivity, trust one another, and increased commitment to the relationship.

Naturally, there is no set time for developing trust or increasing commitment. Weeks, months, or even years may pass.

Why do Guys Refuse to Wear Condoms?

Numerous men have complained that condoms, regardless of their thinness, impair their sensitivity and pleasure.

Some claim they do not feel intimately connected enough. Others argue that it demonstrates a lack of complete trust.

Whatever the reason, you want to ensure that you are not being pressured to jeopardize your safety simply to make your partner feel more trusted, intimate, or loved.

Do guys feel anything when using condoms?

In relationships, some men frequently compare sex with a condom to showering in a raincoat. This is not an accurate analogy.

The simple reason is that intimacy between couples is not solely about penetration. It usually begins with kissing, progresses to penetration, and concludes with penetration.

Naturally, with the appropriate amount of passion and pleasure generated by intimate pre-penetrative activities, sex should be pleasurable, console or not.

Do Condoms take Away Feeling?

Condoms do not take away the pleasure or sensation associated with sex. Indeed, research indicates that many people who engage in oral sex and other pre-penetration activity report experiencing sex without experiencing diminished pleasure, whether or not they use conforms.

Additionally, the researchers concluded that many men complain about condoms due to a lack of experience, insecurity, and an inability to properly satisfy a partner.

What are the disadvantages of condoms?

Condoms may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to latex. Additionally, condom use does not guarantee complete protection against unwanted pregnancies due to the condom’s ability to break during penetration.

Additionally, if the incorrect size or texture is used, it can cause minor discomfort or degrade sensitivity.

Why Does She Want Unprotected Intercourse?

According to researchers, women considering spending the night with someone new are more likely to have unprotected sex if they believe he has’ relationship potential.’

They will also engage in risky sexual behavior with a man if they believe they know him, a study found.

In England, over 200,000 women are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection such as chlamydia or herpes each year.

Women are more likely than men to state plainly, ‘we will not have sex without a condom.’

However, a study of 177 women discovered that they may make an exception and put themselves at risk if they are seeking a relationship and have a sense of familiarity with the man in question.

7 Signs He Wants A Baby

  • He is attempting to increase his savings.

This is an excellent indication that he is considering the future. It’s a well-known fact that having a baby is not inexpensive.

After all, it is not just the first couple of years that you should consider. You will be financially supporting them for at least 18 years (and most likely longer!).

And nothing is more stressful than struggling financially to support a child and a wife.

Therefore, if he appears to be overly concerned with “saving money for the future,” he is already considering the financial strain that a baby will impose.

And this is an excellent indication that he is preparing for a future with you and your baby. Additionally, it means that you’ll feel safe and secure if and when you decide to have children.

However, this does not mean he desires a child immediately. It may take some time for him to accumulate sufficient savings to feel secure. However, you can rest assured that it will most likely occur eventually.

  • He is constantly discussing the future.

This relates to the previous point. Not only will he be saving money for the future, but if he can’t stop talking and imagining what the future will look like, this is an excellent sign that he is considering having a child with you.

For instance, if you’re looking for an apartment together, he may prefer a larger space. Perhaps he will expressly inform you that an additional room is necessary in the event that you have a child together.

Or perhaps he is aware in the back of his mind that additional space is necessary if your relationship is to progress to the next level. Whatever it is, he will give you clues when he speaks about the future and his actions.

  • Is he referring to relocating to a quiet area? Even in your own country?

Then he is probably interested in starting a family with you. The majority of my friends who had children very early in life moved from the inner city to the suburbs BEFORE they had their child.

They were simply aware of what they desired in life. A tranquil, relaxed space where they can unwind and their children can play.

We can all agree that it is better for a child to grow up in an area with more space and opportunities for play than in a city.

And most men are aware of this subconsciously. My friends who have remained in the city are still single, and having children is the furthest thing from their minds.

Therefore, keep in mind what he is seeking when considering the future. You’ll be able to glean a wealth of information about his true thoughts.

  • He is unconcerned about crying children in the vicinity.

How does your man react when you’re in a cafe with crying children nearby?

Is he receptive to the parents’ plight?

Is he amused and even joyful when he sees babies doing their thing?

By observing his reaction when he is around them, you can get a good idea of how your man feels about having a baby.

Do Married Couples Use Condoms?

While 39% of respondents agreed that it is acceptable for a married couple to use condoms, only 8% were currently using them and 26% had ever used them.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want To Use Condoms All Of A Sudden?

He may be concerned about exposure to others and possible STDs, or he may be attempting to act like a grownup and use birth control. I recommend that you ask him about birth control and discuss it with him before you have to discuss becoming parents.

Why Do Guys Always Carry Condoms?

By carrying condoms, you demonstrate that you are not abdicating responsibility for your sexual health to another. Rather than that, you are in command.

When we regain control of our bodies, sexual preferences, and make the best choices for ourselves, we become powerful.

Why Does My Boyfriend Always Use A Condom?

However, the two most frequently stated reasons are that he does not wish to spread a sexually transmitted disease and does not wish to impregnate you.

Your boyfriend is prudent and circumspect. This relates to something we occasionally did in the military.


If the appropriate size and texture are not used, condoms can slightly reduce sensitivity. Sexual pleasure, on the other hand, should not be significantly diminished with the use of the proper condom, foreplay, and oral sex.

That said, if you are not prepared to have unprotected sex, it is preferable to avoid partner pressure rather than abandoning safe sex.

I hope you enjoyed the article and would like to invite you to come back and share it with your friends.

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