TOP 30 Submissive Names for Females

When it comes to feminine submissive names, there’s quite a lot to choose from, which can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start! If you’re trying to pick a name that fits with the persona you want to present as well as your style, all of the options out there can feel overwhelming and prevent you from making an informed decision at all.

How do you know what submissive name best suits you? Here’s how to choose submissive names for females that are suitable for different types of scenarios and represent what you want.

List of Submissive Names for Females

In the BDSM world, it is common to refer to a female as a submissive. This term is often considered derogatory outside of this context.

The word submissive means one who surrenders.

A submissive may be in an unequal power dynamic with their dominant partner, but still has control over themselves and their submission.

These names for females are not necessarily for those who identify as submissive in the BDSM world but are generally considered appropriate for submissive females.

These names may be considered appropriate for submissive females who may prefer to be treated in a way that aligns with their personality but is not necessarily related to BDSM. It is important to realize that just because a name belongs on one of these lists, does not mean that it will be acceptable for your play partner.

Names that work for others might be too aggressive or provocative for you, and vice versa. Some people do not like having their names referred to as a term of endearment.

For that reason, it is best to keep these names as terms of endearment, similar to nicknames. It is still acceptable to use a name like Little One while in a play session or during sex. If you find yourself disagreeing with how someone refers to you during sex, don’t be afraid to speak up and state your preference.

These lists are not definitive guides just suggestions of appropriate names for female submissives for BDSM roleplay.

In addition to being appropriate for submissive females in general, these names may also be used as baby girl names or pet names. Some of them are great choices for a little one who is younger than you or even a furry friend.

Submissive girls may also find it useful to read up on different types of pet play in case they decide to adopt an animal and have a strong desire to bring that into their relationship with someone they know and love.

One of the most important aspects of a submissive is her name. It is her identity, her self-hood. A submissive must keep in mind the power differential between herself and those who dominate her. When choosing a name for yourself, you should take into consideration your taste as well as your desire to express your submission to others.

There is no single way to determine what a submissive name should be. A good starting point is to look at your feelings and desires, then find words that have similar connotations for you. You may choose a name from history or mythology, a flower or gemstone, nature or landscape, other fictional worlds—or anything that speaks of peace and serenity to you.

In some D/s relationships, a submissive may have more than one name. Some dominants will bestow upon their submissive a vanilla name to be used in public and when out of the role. The public name may differ from her dominant-given submissive name or it may be derived from it. For example, Marie might be given the public name of Maria.

In addition to a submissive name, many females find it helpful to have a title. A title is a term that your dominant can use when speaking of you in the third person, often as part of an introduction or description.

She may also use it to address you in private moments, such as at home, or during scenes. For example, Mary may be Mistress Mary in public and May at home; Abigail might be Pet Abby to her husband but Gabriella while they are out and about.

Female submissive names are typically chosen as a reflection of the submissive’s dominant partner. For example, a little girl, angel, or princess might be used to name a female submissive because her dominant partner is usually older than she is and may want her to feel like his daughter, his angel, or his princess.

Female submissives often have three names, two of which are chosen by their dominants and one given to them by their parents or guardians.

Listed below are some of the names you can give to your submissive females:

Amber – Amber is a great name for a submissive female, as it can mean both colorless and clear as water or shining red depending on the language. This name could also be used as an alternative to Amara.

Amanda – Amanda is not only the feminine form of the masculine name Alexander, but it also means defender of mankind. This could be a great option for any woman who wants to defend her man in every possible way. Danielle – Danielle has been commonly considered a feminine variant of Daniel since the 17th century.

Gabrielle – Gabrielle is often thought to mean God’s hero.

Haley – Haley is said to have originated from a surname that derives from Old English words meaning ‘half-man’ and ‘half-hearted’. It’s unclear whether this name was created for the legendary Revolutionary War General Henry Knox, or if it was merely inspired by him; however, either one would make a wonderful choice for your daughter.

Josie – Josie comes from the French word Josie which means someone who overworks themselves with hard labor and drudgery. While this may sound like an awful thing to call someone (even if they are submissive), it also translates to being humble and devoted.

Lily – Lily is a word that originally meant flower, but it has been associated with femininity and purity for many years. This is a great name for any female looking to live up to those ideals.

Nadia Rachel is Hebrew for ewe. As a diminutive of Rebecca or Rebekah, this makes a beautiful pet name as well.

Savannah – Savannah is a place name that comes from a river flowing through Georgia and Florida. It’s said to have been named after an Indian word meaning ‘island’.

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