How To Clean a Sex Doll, for Beginners

Cleaning a sex doll is important if you want to keep yourself from getting sick when you cum in these love dolls and you fail to clean them, it not only ends up destroying your doll, but it also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.

Generally, there is no basic way to clean your love doll as the materials used in making your dolls differ that’s how it differs to clean up the doll after use.

It is important to clean up your dolls after each use, a doll that is well cared for can last you over a long period, in this article we will not only be talking about how to clean up your sex dolls, we will also be talking about how to clean up the different types of sex dolls we have since their make differs from one to the other,.

We have got sex dolls with removable vagina called insert and dolls with fixed vaginas, apart from that, we have got silicon dolls and TPE dolls, albeit, the TPE dolls are more popular at the moment, so we will be looking first at how you can clean up your TPE Dolls.

Cleaning Your TPE Dolls

TPE Dolls are the easiest love dolls to clean but note that you should not sterilize your TPE dolls as they are made from porous materials.

Some things you should avoid cleaning your dolls with are dishwater, boiling water, rubbing alcohol, bleach, etc.

Things you can use in cleaning your TPE dolls include mild soap, very mild soap, water, recommended sex toy cleaners, and warm water.

Depending on the type of vagina your doll has, if it’s inserted, you can just remove it and then clean the inside using warm water and dishcloths.

After washing, leave it up to properly dry before storing it away, but if it is an inbuilt vagina you can clean it by using a vagina irrigate or a shower head with mild soap to clean the inside thoroughly, ensure you rinse properly and dry it fully afterward, if possible you can insert your finger to enable you to reach creaks and corners to ensure thorough cleaning.

After cleaning your doll the next step is drying, this is important because if it is not properly dried, it can develop mold and this is not good for you or your love doll.

After washing, you can either pat it down thoroughly with a microfiber cloth or a soft towel, then allow it to air dry by placing it near a fan or near a source of ventilation, do not on any account use a hairdryer to get rid of the water from your love doll.

More time is required to dry a TPE love doll because of the material used in producing it, you can dry its three orifices using an electric air pump or an aquarium air pump.

It will take about a few hours for it to properly dry, another cheap method of getting your TPE love doll dry is using rolled-up paper towels to dey their orifices or use tampons to help dry it.

Cleaning your Silicone Love Doll

For cleaning a nonporous silicone love doll, just make use of mild soap and warm water or you can make use of a warm-damp washcloth to get it all cleaned up.

Additionally, check if it has removable parts if it does have them removed, and cleaned separately.

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Cleaning Cyber Skin and Vinyl Love Doll

Cyber skin and vinyl love dolls are made from porous materials, these materials have little holes in them and can harbor bacteria easily.

To clean dolls like this, use mild soap and warm water, because using any type of soap other than mild might degrade the material used in producing your doll.

After washing and drying the doll, ensure you dust it with a little corn starch, this helps renew the doll and keep the doll from being sticky or quickly degrading.

Essentials for Cleaning a Sex Doll

As earlier stated, different toys require different cleaning methods and essentials used in cleaning them.

If your toy is the nonporous type it will be easier to clean just with mild soap and water but if it is the porous type you will have to do more than just use mild soap and water as these materials tend to still retain bacteria even after being cleaned.

To make it safer, it is better to make use of a condom when doing the dirty with your love dolls, this will minimize the rate at which it will retain bacteria.

Apart from cumming in your sex dolls, some body fluids get in the doll when you are in it without protection.

Most love dolls use a mild antiseptic non-scented soap and water is enough to clean them while others require you to use recommended sex toy cleaners like Toy Life, Swiss Navy Lube, etc.

Some main essentials you can use in cleaning your dolls include a comb which is provided to comb your love doll’s hair, mild liquid soap or a sulfate-free soap, soft cloth or sponge, a dry soft towel, powder( baby powder, corn starch powder), powder brush, baseline, mineral baby oil, vagina irrigator used in cleaning the vagina orifice and other essentials.

The Frequency of Cleaning Your Sex Doll

It is hygienic and safer to clean your sex doll on a regular, most especially cleaning it immediately after use, doing that will save you from lots of bacteria that may likely form when you do not clean it regularly.

More preferably it is good to clean your toys before and after use to enable them to last a tad bit longer for you and prevent the risks of you having an infection from using a dirty love doll.

Not cleaning your sex toy can have adverse effects on you, the materials used in making these love dolls are a thriving ground for bacteria you can get infected with STIs and even HPV from sex dolls, most especially when you use these dolls with a partner.

Cleaning your sex dolls after use should be something that comes naturally to you, just like cleaning yourself after peeing, make it habitual to clean your love dolls after each use, treat them with the same love and respect you will use in treating your own body.

After all, your most priced member goes into these love dolls, so if you don’t take care of it, you will end up hurting yourself in the process in the long run.

How to Clean Sex Doll In Shower

Once you purchase a doll that is of high quality, it should be able to serve your purposes for long years to come, that is if you properly maintain the doll.

The key to achieving this is to always ensure maximum hygienic behavior with your love doll, clean it up regularly with care and pay close attention to every nook and cranny of the doll.

Cleaning your doll in the shower can be fun, something you need to commence cleaning your doll in the shower include, towels, soft clothes, a bottle brush, mild shampoo, and an oil-free makeup remover.

You can start by cleaning the orifices used during sex, using mild soap and warm water, washing the mouth, the vagina, and the anus, rinse thoroughly away body fluids that might have been left in the doll due to you having contact with it.

Use a soft bottle brush to ensure it is thoroughly clean and rinse well, the next step is to pat your doll dry and ensure it is left to air dry properly before you put it away.

Note: Do not put your doll away when wet, this will encourage the growth of mold and it is not hygienic for you.

You can also clean your doll’s face with a mildly damp cloth, but if your doll has makeup on its face, then you can consider using oil-free makeup remover to have the makeup removed.

While cleaning your doll, do not submerge them in water, most especially dolls that may likely have electronic components within them additionally do not put away your doll while it is still wet.

How To Clean a Sex Doll Orifices

Cleaning your sex doll orifices should not be too difficult to achieve, for insert, starts by removing it then washing it thoroughly in soapy water in a sink then allowing it to properly air dry.

To make it easier to clean any of the openings, that is the mouth, vagina, and anus, you can use water irrigating to spray into them, allowing the water into the opening and then allowing the water to run out of the opening as well.

Furthermore, you can use a wet soft cloth to clean it manually using a mild soap as well, reach all areas within the openings when cleaning, and ensure you rinse well after cleaning.

Once done with cleaning, leave your doll’s legs slightly open to allow air into the opening to enable it to air dry properly, once it is properly dried, you can apply vaseline to the holes.

How To Dry Sex Doll

To limit the chance of damaging your doll and ensuring they serve you for longer and prevent mold, ensure your Doll is dried properly after cleaning.

There are quite several ways that are correct that you can use to dry your love dolls, they are:

  • You can either decide to use dry clothes to pat dry the water off your doll and allow it to air dry fully
  • Or you can place your doll close to a fan, or ventilated areas to have it properly dried.
  • Once dried you can apply a little powder to your doll, it can be baby powder or cornstarch or flour to help prevent your doll’s skin from getting damaged due to friction

After cleaning and drying the holes, you can apply vaseline to the orifices as a preventive measure and as a lubricant.

How To Dry Sex Doll Vagina

Using a vagina irrigator and mild soap, wash the vagina of your love doll, after washing it, use water to thoroughly rinse it and let the water run out, either use a soft cloth or tampon to gently soak up water from the inside of your love doll vagina if it is an insert vagina, you can simply detach it after washing.

Keep it close to a fan to get dry properly before attaching it back to your love doll.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Doll

Very often. To enjoy your love doll and make it last longer for you, you will need to properly care for it as you would care for yourself, you should clean it regularly after every use and when it’s dusty.

How Do You Clean a Torso Sex Doll

To clean a sex toy’s torso you can either just rinse the body with water or wipe the surface of the doll with a clean paper towel to remove any debris on the surface.

Next, proceed to use mild soap and dishcloth to scrub the skin and then dry the torso.

How Do You Clean Silicone Doll Skin

Use clean water and mild soap to get rid of dirt and either use your hand or a very soft sponge to wash the surface thoroughly.

After doing the cleaning, you can then rinse with water and proceed to use a soft towel to pat the doll dry or better still just leave it to air dry.

Since silicone naturally attracts dust, you will have to take special care in cleaning it and the cleaning should be done regularly.

After cleaning, you can keep your doll feeling fresh and having very soft skin by using baby powder to dust the doll, and do not keep your doll under direct sunlight to ensure it dries, it is not good for your doll.

Can You Wash Silicone Doll?

Yes, a silicone doll can take a bath, but you will have to be gentle during the process so you do not end up doing harm instead of good.

If your doll is badly soiled maybe from you cumming inside or all over the body, then gently rinse the body, use mild soap and a soft sponge or dishcloth to gently glide along the silicon surface to get rid of the dirt.

Pay close attention to creases and hard-to-reach areas to be able to give your doll a thorough clean up.

Silicon dolls are made to feel so lifelike. So it requires a lot of attention and detail in cleaning or washing it.

Remember to use warm water when bathing, do not use cold water or too hot water as this may lead to the material used in the making of your dolls getting damaged.

Can You Bathe a Vinyl Reborn Doll?

No. You cannot bathe a reborn doll; you can simply clean it by using a damp cloth to wipe off stains from your doll.

Take note not to get the cloth wet, do not in any condition scrub the dull, as scrubbing would only serve to get the paintings out of your reborn doll, after cleaning, make sure you towel it dry so it does not end up having molds.

If your reborn doll is really dirty and you want it clean, consider sending it back to the manufacturer or find another reborn artist to work on your doll, they are in a better place to give your doll the proper cleaning it deserves.

The reborn doll is not like your regular toy, so cleaning them is quite different from how you would bathe a regular doll.

A reborn doll is just like a baby doll, the main material used in designing a reborn doll is the vinyl, a reborn artist will spend countless hours adding intricate details to your reborn doll and making it perfect for your use.

Reborn dolls should be handled with care as they are fragile, unlike flexible silicone dolls, reborn dolls ain’t that flexible, and any application of force might likely end up breaking them or hair or limb removal, be gentle with your reborn doll just like you would be gentle with a baby.

Since the doll is made from vinyl, they are susceptible to age and fatigue most especially when they are exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun.


Cleaning your love dolls should be a habit and not a chore, as doing this will ensure your doll gets to last longer for you and in turn, you can stay clean from any transmitted infection that might be caused by your doll being dirty.

The basic cleaning method of keeping your doll clean is to use a mild soap or detergent with a dishcloth to gently clean them, after cleaning, you thoroughly rinse the doll and either proceed to towel dry it or leave it to air dry by placing the doll close to a fan or in a ventilated area.

Keeping good hygiene with your doll will ensure you enjoy a healthy sex life with it.

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