How To Clean a Fleshlight Step-by-Step!!!

To clean your Fleshlight, start by cleaning it after every use using warm water and a hot cloth. For cleaning purposes, you can turn it inside out since it is made up of a flesh part that comes out of its hard casing, and it opens up on both ends.

The part of the business you make out with is made up of mineral oil, which will not mix well if you use soap in cleaning it.

Using only water to clean it is good enough, but if you feel it is not clean enough, you may consider purchasing fleshwash.

Fleshwash is a product that is solely designed to clean cyber skin.

There are different types of Fleshskin; there is the water-based lube and the oil or silicone-based lube; it is most preferable you go for the water-based lube as the silicon or oil-based lube will end up eroding the fleshy sleeve.

Using a dirty sex toy will either give you a yeast infection or a skin disease; you must take your time to clean it thoroughly.

Some steps to take to clean your Fleshlight thoroughly include:

  • Remove sleeves from its case, and it is an excellent idea to give the case a thorough wash before moving on to the sleeves; make use of water and a little soap to wash the case. But in no condition are you allowed to use soap when washing the sleeves; using soap on the sleeve will damage the material; turn out the sleeves and use warm water to run through them to clean out any remaining leftover fluids from you. Using cold water and hot water won’t be efficient as hot water will deteriorate the material of the flashlight, and cold water won’t just do the job. Do not use soap or detergent to clean it, as it will destroy the sleeves; if you must clean it with anything apart from water and dishcloth, consider using Fleshwash, as this was solely produced for cleaning Fleshlight.
  • After cleaning Fleshlight, shake off excess water and allow it to dry by putting it out, do not for any reason put away your flashlight when it is wet; after drying completely, to help maintain its soft skin texture, apply the flashlight renewing powder.

How To Turn Fleshlight Inside Out

The sleeves of a fleshlight are not meant to be turned inside out, it is something you can however do if you can be careful enough, but it is not advised by the manufacturer to turn your fleshlight inside out for any reason as it is not designed for that purpose.

if you go ahead to turn it inside out you might be causing your fleshlight harm rather than doing the supposed good you had in mind to do.

The materials used in making fleshlight are not strong enough to withhold any force applied to it.

The only reason you can turn your fleshlight inside out is if it is a highly textured insert, if it is, you can turn it inside out to enable you to clean out the right spaces and canals with your fingers, turning your fleshlight inside out should not take more than 5 minutes tops so it doesn’t up to getting damaged because of overstretching and permanent deformation or tearing.

To enjoy your fleshlight for a long time, take your time to clean and care for your fleshlight by washing and drying the insert thoroughly after every use.

It is better to rinse the inner part by pouring water in it from both sides, keep the water inside while keeping the opening closed, shake the insert a little, pour out the water, and repeat this process until you are satisfied that the inside is clean up from all sperm and residues of lubes inside.

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How To Dry a Fleshlight Sleeve

Drying a Fleshlight Sleeve can be quite difficult sometimes, most people tend to leave it hanging out in the open for hours so it can air dry, to minimize the hours it takes to dry a fleshlight sleeve.

You can shake out as much water as you can after cleaning the fleshlight sleeve, set it on a clean towel and then get a small fan or a hairdryer whichever one you have, the hairdryer should bring out cold air only, do not set it on hot as this will most likely end up damaging it.

Using the small fan or the hairdryer, put it on and set it at the entrance of the fleshlight sleeves for about an hour, turn it around, and then set the fan blowing into the other side for about an hour or half an hour, depending on the weather condition.

It may take only about an hour or two to dry up completely, but if the weather is humid enough, it will take almost 3 to 4 hours to get dried completely.

Another method you can dry your Fleshlight sleeves without using a fan or hairdryer is to use a cloth method, after cleaning, use a cloth by wrapping it around your finger like a condom, then use it to clean the water from the inside out.

After you are done cleaning, you can leave in some paper towel to soak up and pull out any other moisture from inside just like a tampon does.

Furthermore, you can still dry your fleshlight sleeves easily by using silica gel. The silica gel can be gotten in smaller sachets, insert the silica gel into your fleshlight sleeves case, tighten the end,

The silica gel will end up extracting moisture from the case, do this process after you must have tried to dry the flesh sleeves before, do not put the silica gel in when wet.

Can You Boil a Fleshlight?

No. The fleshlight sleeves can’t or should not be boiled or sensitized with any alcohol-based products to enable it is kept clean.

If you boil the flesh sleeves it will end up breaking down the integrity of the material used in making the fleshlight sleeve.

If boiled, it would melt the material, it is not as strong as silicon or glass, it’s better you do it in isopropyl alcohol overnight or give it a deep clean with flesh wash than boiling it.

Do not put your fleshlight in any water hotter than your hands can take

The sleeve is very sensitive, unlike its glass or silicone toy counterparts, the sleeves next to the skin are soft, plaint, and velvety, and with proper care, the texture can be maintained.

There are recommended supplies you can use in cleaning up your sleeves, the items needed are fleshlight cleaning solution, fleshlight renewing powder, and hot water.

Run warm water through the insert interior to flush out leftover fluids, the next thing is to soak the sleeves inside in very hot water, after soaking for a while, take it out of the water then squeeze out any remaining moisture and allow it to partially air dry.

To clean and sensitize the inside of the fleshlight, use the recommended fleshwash and spray a little amount of it inside along the entire interior and exterior as well, try and ensure you spray in those hard-to-reach places inside the sleeves as well.

After applying thoroughly, using warm water rinse inside the fleshlight sleeves and then place it in a dry and warm environment to enable it to air dry.

After drying, you can then apply the fleshlight powder to renew your flashlight. The fleshlight powder keeps your sleeves softs and helps in maintaining its firm, stretchy feel.

Can You Use a Fleshlight In The Shower?

Yes. You can use your fleshlight in the shower but you would have to be super careful so you do not end up getting soap or using soap on it.

The manufacturer clearly stated that soaps of any kind should not be used, you should make use of the regular lube, there is a shower mount produced that you can use your fleshlight with, but you just have to be extra careful not to get water splashing on you to wash the lube off when you are going dirty.

Fleshlight tends to be water-friendly but this does not make it all fun to use in the shower because of the soap factor.

Without using the shower mount it will be most difficult to make use of your fleshlight, and it will be borderline just uncomfortable.

The shower mount is designed for fleshlight suction to the shower walls and gives you a wet and wild experience hands-free.

Even though you can use your fleshlight in the shower it is a little difficult to sustain the pleasure for some people, since silicone-based lubes are not recommended to be used on a fleshlight, you will most likely have to go for the water-based lube.

And this is where the challenge is, a water-based lube will be washed away with water when you are in the shower, this will make you continue reapplying the lube until you are done and this won’t bode well for your love pleasure.

The only solution to that little hitch on the road is to maybe mount your shower mount away from the water, where the water won’t be able to touch you let alone wash off the lube, then you can enjoy banging away till you experience that mind-blowing orgasm.

How To Use a Fleshlight

You would think using a fleshlight is very easy, just stick it in, get the groove going, and then finally cumming, it is not that straightforward, that is if you want to enjoy your masturbation session.

There are ways to use your fleshlight that will guarantee you have the best and most pleasurable experience while still at it.

You can get more from your flashlight by doing things right.

A fleshlight is a soft, textured canal where you can insert your penis to get off, since fleshlight are somewhat delicate, they should be handled with care and not rough handled because the materials used in making flashlights are prone to micro-tearing if mishandled.

if this happens the lifespan of your fleshlight get shortened or bacteria starts hiding in one of the many micro-tears and this definitely won’t be good for you.

To start using your fleshlight, first ensures it is clean, then give yourself some generous amount of lube, note that water-based lubes are recommended for use and silicon-based lubes ain’t.

Warm the fleshlight sleeves by dipping them into warm water before going in to ensure it is a little warm and closer to body temperature, alternatively, you can just make use of fleshlight warmers, it is more convenient to use than the warm water.

Apply the lubes inside the sleeves ensuring you go in as deep as you can with your fingers before getting in yourself, start slow before you start pounding away, starting slow will ensure you get yourself acclaimed to the inside of the fleshlight and get familiarized with the textures inside before increasing your speed.

How to Lube a Fleshlight

Putting lube in a fleshlight before going in will increase the sensation and intensify your pleasure when inside.

Using your fleshlight without lube will create friction between the fleshlight and your penis resulting in even causing you injury which is not what you would want.

Applying lube inside your fleshlight will make it safer, easier, and more enjoyable to be inside the fleshlight.

To put lube in your fleshlight, hold the bottle of the lube and gently squeeze it inside the orifices of the fleshlight, stand the flashlight up to enable the line to make its way inside properly, and ensure the inside of the fleshlight is properly lubricated by using your fingers to gently push down the lube, ensuring to reach every nook and corners within the fleshlight.

The amount of lube you can put in your fleshlight solely depends on your preference and the type of fleshlight you are using. You should use too little of the lube than be over-generous with it, using too much lubrication will not enable the fleshlight to have friction, if there is no friction you won’t be able to enjoy it as you should have.

For an even greater experience, it is advisable to warm the lube before putting it inside the fleshlight, doing this will make it seem like you are entering a woman rather than the orifices of a fleshlight.


For your pleasure and satisfaction, you must maintain a high level of hygienic practices with your fleshlight, before using start by cleaning the fleshlight using the recommended products and warm water to keep it clean

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