Do Steroids Make Your Penis Smaller or Bigger? [FIND OUT!]

No, steroids do not make your penis smaller. The rumor that steroids make your penis smaller is largely a myth. This is not true, in any way.

However, prolonged use of steroids can cause your testicular to shrink and atrophy.

The myth or rumor came into being based on the fact that so many idiots have run gear in the past not knowing what they were doing and then their dicks stopped working so their GF’s began telling others how it shrunk their dick when really they just couldn’t get it up.

Will Steroids Reduce Your Penis Length and Girth?

Your penis length won’t shrink but your balls will. Also, the consistency of your semen will change and it will get kind of clumpy.

If you decide to start taking testosterone, go online or to like Walmart where the vitamins are, and get L-Carnitine. It will fix your cum. Just take it once a day like a vitamin. It really works.

Some benefits of Steroids include:

  • Higher sexual drive
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • The feeling like a 22-year-old football player

However, abuse or not taking the recommended amount may cause you to lose stamina since you’re replacing your natural body production of testosterone with a synthetic version.

Can Anabolic Steroid Make Your Penis Smaller?

No, anabolic steroids cannot shrink your penis for lots of reasons; in fact, there are some medical data that links high androgenic activity to penis growth. Literally, this means steroids will INCREASE your penis size.

However, this “dick shrinking” rumor/myth comes from 3 specific mainstream stereotypes of steroids that are rooted in partial reality:

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids can and will reduce your testicle sizes, while you’re on a cycle. This can be reversed quickly by using herbal testosterone boosters such as HCGenerate, but it is a fact of cycling.

AAS typically increases the size of your penis, which makes your penis appear small in comparison to the increase in LBM (overall size). Plus, new muscles require more blood, which can take some blood0flow away from the genitals.

The dreaded “deca dick”, which is something real but “not really.” While it’s a side effect of deca durabolin, it is temporary and reversible after the cycle is discontinued or a testosterone base is added.

In the end, the deca dick is perhaps the most consistent rumour about steroid use I’ve seen in the mainstream. It is sad that such false information can be spread among the general public, but it is something you just have to disregard now that you know the truth.

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Do Steroids Make Your Penis Small?!

The short answer is NO! Steroids do not make your peepee small or smaller.

However, it will reduce your testes size during and right after a cycle since natural testosterone generation is no longer required due to the introduction of the high synthetic testosterone level in the body.

Your penis, however, does not shrink! In fact, the opposite is the case. It typically increases!

An erection happens as a result of an increased blood flow to the aroused area, Cilis and Viagra play on this as do lots of other male enhancement pills because they all basically do the same thing.

Yes, they increase the blood flow to the area, resulting in an erection, and often a larger erection than normally possible.

The rule is simple – More blood flow, or more blood in the body, means bigger erection. Steroids increase the amount of blood in the body as well as increase blood flow; This, combined with increased sex drive, you all know what I am talking about, will result in a much larger than normal erection.

So, the truth is no! Absolutely no! steroids do not make your penis smaller; they do however make it much bigger!

Note: If you, for whatever reason, really dwell on lost testes size there are a number of PCT products like HCG that will address this for you.

Can I use Dbol and Winstrol together?

No, I wouldn’t recommend stacking the two. I know 3 guys who mixed the two and are now technically classed as females. It sucks but it’s a side effect you don’t want to deal with.

Why am I Losing Sex Drive after Taking Steroids?

If you lose your sex drive or size during a cycle, I can almost guarantee you’re underdosing, probably not on purpose; most UGL’s will underdose to make some additional cash on sales (think stepping on drugs).

The result of that is the guys using it will think they’re taking X amount when in reality, they’re taking Y amount.

If you are under your natural test level, you’re essentially shutting off natural production and reducing your test levels instead of increasing them.

This means you are actually dropping below your natural levels and causing your body to react the same way it does when you are coming off.

So, if you naturally produce 200 mg a week, and you are only taking in 150, you lose natural production and reduce your test levels to that 150. This would explain the loss of sex drive.

This is the only reason I can imagine you’d suffer a loss in sex drive or ‘size: for. As I earlier stated, testosterone causes a rise in the amount of blood in the body considerably (I.e. vascularity). It increases bloodflow.. the two things that cause an erection in the first place.

This is very similar to cialis and/or viagra. But hey if you are having issues you can always grab a PCT, although I don’t recommend taking a PCT during your cycle as it essentially tells your body to do one thing, while the juice tells it to do another. or you could always just grab some viagra/cialis… or better gear 😉

What are the Possible Side Effects of Steroids?

  • Increased appetite.
  • Changes in mood.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Weight gain.
  • Increased growth of body hair.
  • Easy bruising.
  • Lower resistance to infection.”

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