Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout? & How!

While purchasing condoms is a natural reaction to sexual activity, it’s also natural to feel a little awkward while doing so.

Fortunately, there are ways to accomplish this without feeling nervous or drawing undue attention to yourself.

The critical point to remember is that you are being responsible by engaging in safe sex!

How to Buy condoms securely

Take a deep breath and keep in mind that purchasing condoms are a responsible and common practice.

You’re likely to feel as if everyone is staring at you and the cashier is passing judgment. In reality, few people are paying you much attention.

You are not the first person to visit the store in search of condoms.

Conduct research. Determine the type of condom you intend to purchase prior to embarking on your mission.

Choose your preferred brand, condom size, and material (latex, polyurethane, lambskin). Going into the store with a specific condom in mind will help you avoid wasting time.

Make a list of alternates in case the store does not carry the brand you’re interested in.

Additionally, ascertain the cost of the condoms. You want to go to the store prepared.

Consider only FDA-approved brands.

If you are a man, measure your erect penis to determine the appropriate condom size.

Additionally, you can use an online condom calculator to assist you in making a decision.

Search online for condoms, and read reviews

Choose a store that is not in close proximity to your residence. Purchasing from a store that is 20 or 30 minutes away can help you avoid encountering familiar faces.

Additionally, you may feel more at ease knowing that you will most likely not see your family, friends, or classmates.

Visit the store prior to purchasing condoms. Take a few moments to determine where the condoms are located (family planning aisle, pharmacy, etc.).

If the condoms are kept behind a counter, you may wish to purchase them elsewhere.

Consider shopping during off-peak hours. Visit the store when it is relatively quiet and only a few other customers are present.

Early in the morning and very late at night, stores are less crowded. You won’t have to worry about colliding with other shoppers in the aisles or others noticing you’re purchasing condoms.

Consider condoms to be an additional item. Consider condoms to be a similar purchase to toothpaste, shampoo, or deodorant.

By altering your mentality, you can become less nervous. Simply incorporate that aisle into your shopping trip, select the items you require, and continue shopping.

When purchasing condoms, maintain a calm and confident demeanor. You do not want to attract additional attention to yourself as a result of your nervous behavior.

Making your Purchase

Purchase a few additional items. While it is not necessary, you may feel more secure if you purchase a few items and add them to your cart before purchasing condoms.

This way, you’re not left with anything but a box of condoms at the counter. Additionally, you can conceal the condoms with the items in your cart.

This way, others will be unable to look into your basket and immediately notice the condoms.

Make your way to a convenience store. Condoms are frequently sold in convenience stores and gas stations as well.

These are smaller stores with fewer employees. If you purchase from a convenience store, you may need to inform the cashier that you require condoms, as they are frequently located behind the counter.

If you’re not opposed to interacting with the cashier but prefer to avoid large crowds, this may be a good option for you.

Occasionally, vending machines dispense condoms and other small sex-related items in restrooms.

Utilize cash and discard the receipt. At the store, discard your receipt. You do not want to carry a condom receipt around in your pocket, wallet, or jacket.

If you throw away the receipt as soon as you leave the store, you won’t have to worry about your purchase being discovered by a parent or friend.

If your parents are watching your credit card/debit card usage, you may want to purchase the condoms in cash. You will not be required to provide any information regarding a charge on your card.

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Consider self-checkout.

Rather than standing in line, purchase condoms at a store with an automated checkout, where you can scan your purchases and bag them yourself.

This will save you from having to speak with a cashier. Self-checkout stations are available at the majority of grocery stores and large retailers.

If self-checkout is not an option, purchasing condoms at a more secluded register in the back (e.g., the hunting or automobile section) allows you to avoid crowds and, in some cases, long lines.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout

Purchase in bulk.

Purchasing condoms in bulk will eliminate the need for frequent store visits. Store extra condoms in a cool, dry location.

Check the condom’s expiration date before using it. A condom that has expired or is damaged will be ineffective.

Purchase them from an adult store.

If you are over the age of 18, you may purchase condoms at an adult store. At an adult store, you will not feel out of place because everyone is purchasing sex-related items.

Adult store employees are typically extremely knowledgeable about the merchandise and can answer any questions you may have about the various condom options.

Condoms can be purchased online.

Numerous websites allow you to order condoms and have them delivered to your home. Condoms are also typically delivered in plain, discrete packaging.

They typically accept payment via debit or credit card but will bill under a much more discrete name.

You will not receive a bill from “Jack’s Sex Shop and Condom Store.” If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can purchase gift debit cards that can be used almost anywhere that credit card company’s debit cards are accepted.

Simply search for “buy condoms online” to locate a website that sells condoms.

Visit a clinic. Condoms are provided without charge at teen clinics and HIV/STD prevention centers,

Planned Parenthood, and some local health departments. If you have any questions, there will be individuals present who will gladly answer them.

You can contact the clinic or check their website to confirm that they provide complimentary condoms.


Bear in mind that you are acting responsibly, both for your own and your partner’s safety. Sex without protection can result in pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases, so protect yourself if you are not planning to become pregnant.

If you are under the legal drinking age, you may be able to obtain condoms from your school nurse. The availability varies by school.

Make certain that you do not purchase flavored condoms for vaginal or anal sex. They can irritate the skin, and the powder has a tendency to spread. They may also infect your partner.

Ascertain that you understand how to use a condom properly.

Condoms do not prevent HPV (genital warts) infection; if the warts are on the pubic area, a condom will not prevent them from touching.

If you develop itching, rashes, bumps, blisters, or other irritations after using a condom, either in the area where the condom was used or throughout your body, immediately discontinue use and consult your doctor.

If you have a latex allergy, you should consider using female condoms or polyurethane.

Avoid using latex condoms with oil-based lubes; the oil will deteriorate the condom and make it more prone to tears.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout at Target?

You certainly can.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout at Tesco?

Yes, you may.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout at Walmart?

Yes, you may.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout in Ireland?

Yes, you may.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout Safeway?

Yes, you may.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self Checkout in Uk?

Yes, you can purchase condoms at self checkout in the United Kingdom.

How to Buy Condoms Discreetly

To be honest, the most discreet way to purchase condoms is to do so online.

It can be humiliating to enter a store and place a condom box in the shopping cart, walk around with it and quickly conceal it with another product, and then proceed to the checkout counter and attempt to exit as quickly as possible before anyone notices what was just purchased.

As with many other consumer goods, the condom industry has seen a dramatic shift in purchasing behavior.

Nowadays, we purchase the majority of our products online, especially during COVID lockdowns.

Rather than going to the store, you can now order your favorite brand from the comfort of your own home.

There are several viable online options for obtaining them:

Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Purchasing directly from condom manufacturers via their websites

Certain condom companies take discretion to the next level by appearing on your credit card as a generic company and shipping your condoms in discrete packaging.

Purchasing condoms discreetly has never been easier than it is now.

Does self-checkout ID for condoms?

Know that you should not be questioned or carded regarding your age when purchasing condoms.

A cashier is not legally permitted to refuse to sell you condoms if you do not present them with your identification. If the cashier does inquire about your age, you are not required to respond.

Can You Buy Condoms While Under 18?

You DO NOT have to be 18 years old to purchase condoms. You should not be carded when purchasing condoms, and a clerk cannot legally refuse to sell them to you without first checking your identification.

Additionally, a checkout clerk should not inquire about your age—and if they do, you are not required to respond.

Can You Buy Condoms At Self-Checkout CVS?

CVS pharmacy has self-checkout capabilities in a number of its locations throughout the United States. You’re looking for the section on “family planning.” Condoms are made freely available by family planning organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Additionally, college health centers frequently make them available for free.

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