Good & 3 Best TPE Safe Condoms

Thermoplastic Elastomer condoms called TPE for short are an alternative form of sexual protection for people that are allergic to using latex condoms.

The TPE material is more resistant to environmental factors that would otherwise affect the latex material and are more superior to Latex condoms, most especially if they are to be stored for a long period.

The TPE condom is not that different from latex condoms, the only advantage that TPE condoms have over condoms is that it has more ability to resist environmental effects like heat and ultraviolet light and it does not cause any allergic reaction when used because it does not have accelerators and antioxidants found in other condoms.

Below is one of the best TPE condoms it is;

Flexible TPE Condom Reusable Permanent Bump Enhance Random Transparent Crystal:

it is made of high-grade soft TPE material, it is odorless, non-toxic, waterproof, and most importantly safe. It is a reusable extension sheath, it is an extender, an enlarger, fitting tightly and nobbled to improve performance, it is for long-term use and it features a simple but powerful design.

Many brands of condoms are safe to use and will give you protection from sexually transmitted infections but not all the brands will be comfortable or will not give you irritation.

TPE Safe condoms offer protection without the many extra chemicals that are likely found in other brands of condoms.

For instance, a small percentage of women are allergic to latex condoms, and they may experience vagina pain or discharge, swelling, and itching.

The solution for this is to go for non-latex condoms like the TPE.

According to reviews gotten, the TPE condoms provide the following benefits:

  • It is more durable and last longer even under adverse weather conditions like heat
  • It is resistant to oil-based lubricants that damage latex condoms
  • It is odorless making it an ideal choice for people that don’t like the smell of lambskin or latex
  • It enhances sensitivity because they are thinner
  • It transmits heat better than other external condoms making it more pleasurable
  • The condoms are looser and more comfortable than others.
  • The TPE condoms can be rolled in both directions unlike other brands of condoms that can be rolled just in one condition

Cons of Using TPE condoms

  • They are more expensive than other brands of condom
  • Because the Fit is looser, there is a possibility of the condom rolling off during sex
  • They are more likely to break than other brands of condoms since they are not that stretchy
  • They are less effective in preventing STIs and Pregnancy compared to other brands of condoms.

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TPE Safe Condom Reviews

  • Trojan Natural Lamb Condom

The Trojan Natural Lamb condom for a more natural feeling is latex-free, they are suitable to be used by people that are allergic to latex. To hold the condom in place, the Trojan Natural lamb features an exclusive Kling Tite and they are complete with a natural-based lubricant, it is best used with monogamous couples.

Pros of The Trojan Natural Lamb Condom

  • Not made with natural rubber latex, it is suitable to be used by latex-sensitive people
  • It is super thin and can transmit body heat to your partner
  • Has very good lubrication
  • They fit well and have a warm natural feeling to them
  • The smell is mild and you can only perceive it when you smell the condom.

Cons of Using The Trojan Natural Lamb Condom

  • They are expensive
  • They can only be used by monogamous couples as they are made of membrane and can’t protect from STIs.

Trojan Fire and Ice Dual Action Lubricated Condom

The Trojan Fire and Ice Dual Action Lubricated Condom have a dual-action lubricant that enables you to feel the passion and thrilling sensations.

It is designed specifically to deliver tingling and warming sensations to both partners and it is tested electronically to help ensure reliability.

To help reduce the risk of infection and pregnancy, this condom is made from premium quality latex, a box of condoms contains 10packets of the condom when using it, at first it becomes cold and then it becomes hot afterward for enabled thrilling pleasure.

Pros of Using The Trojan Fire and Ice Dual Action Lubricated Condom

  • Electronically tested to help ensure reliability
  • Help reduce the risk of infection and pregnancy
  • It delivers a tingling and thrilling sensation to both partners.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Climax Control Lubricated Condom.

The Trojan Extended Pleasure Climax Control Lubricated Condom helps in controlling climax to achieve a heightened orgasm, it prevents premature ejaculation with its climax control lubricant. The condom is made from more quality latex and electronically tested to ensure its reliability.

This condom is designed to reduce the risks of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the Trojan extended pleasure climax control to work.

It is designed to aid you in lasting longer while at the same time enhancing your partner’s satisfaction.

With its long-lasting feature, it prolongs intercourse, delays ejaculation and provides desensitization, and lengthens stimulation.

Pros of Using The Trojan Extended Pleasure Climax Control Lubricated Condom

  • Reduced the rate of unwanted pregnancies and prevents sexually transmitted infections
  • It features a special reservoir end for extra safety
  • Features climax control lubricant that helps you to last longer
  • Provide greater staying power

Cons of Using The Trojan Extended Pleasure Climax Control Lubricated Condom

  • They easily breakaway
  • Some are dry with no liquid in them
  • It is so thick that it feels like rubber.
  • They dry out so quickly


It is important to protect yourself when having sex, there are worse things than an unplanned pregnancy to worry about if you don’t use protection.

These days with technological advancement, some condoms have been produced that make it even feel natural when you are having sex.

PTE is one such invention, they have different features that can make you either last longer or feel more pleasure with your partner.

The best thing about PTE condoms is that they are safe and can also be used by people that are latex intolerant.

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