What are the Best Titfuck Sex Toys? FULL LIST!

Whatever you call it… tit wank, breast sex, boob bang, mammary intercourse… whatever you call it, it’s pretty awesome.

Most men and women are aware of the classic titty fuck as a result of porn, and many fantasize about trying it out.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of them. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to booby sex to teach you everything you need to know about incorporating this hot act into your sexual repertoire.

We’re going to demonstrate how to do it, share some awesome tit-fuck sex positions for you to try, and answer any other burning questions you may have.

Whether you’re a woman looking for tips on how to give your man the ultimate tit wank or a man looking for new titty sex positions to try with your partner, you’ll find everything you need right here.

This page is dedicated to reviewing boob sex toys and assisting you in making an informed decision about which boob sex toys are worth purchasing.

Top 8:

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2. Keisha Grey’s Titty Fuck Fantasy – CHECK ON AMAZON

3. Fuwatoro tits HENTAI set discreet packing Male Masturbator Realistic Vagina Pussy Masturbation Hole for Men with Lotion Sex ToyCHECK ON AMAZON

4. Stimulation Big Double D Breast Masturbator Lifelike Sex Toy for Male Masturbation – CHECK ON AMAZON

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6.  18.3lb Life Size Huge Breast Big Butt Male Masturbator Sex Doll – CHECK ON ACME STORE


8. Busty Mia Realistic Meaty Love Doll in Light BrownCHECK ON ACME STORE

Best Titfuck Sex Toy

Let us begin!

  • Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Tits

They are known as Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta or simply Chichifueta. Hotpowers, the company behind the Chichifueta, is a market leader in the boobs sex toy market.

We owe them a debt of gratitude for raising the bar for what should be expected from breast simulation products.

In real life, the largest tits I’ve encountered are G-cups. As any lover of big tits will attest, they drive us insane. I had that sensation with these.


  • Silky skin-like texture
  • Excellent for fondling and titfucking 80% realistic feel


  • Because the material is delicate, keep anything sharp, such as uncut nails, away.
  • Let us examine this more closely.

Japanese toy manufacturers have been producing an increasing number of boob sex toys in recent years, and they are extremely popular.

Large tits are quite uncommon in Japan, which is probably why investing in breast simulation innovation may be worthwhile. As they say, only in Japan.

Because the manufacturers are competing, there will be plenty of innovation to create the best, most realistic, most sensual, and most attractive boob sex toys available.

While conducting research on the subject, I discovered that HotPowers products are extremely popular in Japan and are now available in the United States as well.

Unfortunately for the Japanese, they are selling so well outside of Japan that HotPowers has begun prioritizing international shipping over the domestic market.

After perusing a plethora of images and videos, I began to see why all the fuss was made and decided to give them a try.

I purchased the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, and after discovering that they actually feel like real large tits, the price became irrelevant.

What you get in the package

I was taken aback by the packaging presentation. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta box requires little explanation.

It’s a white cardboard box containing an illustrated card and a marketing leaflet that contains no information worth reading. A few Japanese words and images about the boob sex toy.


Although attractive packaging is an added bonus. When it comes down to it, it is irrelevant. What counts are the tits and the oh boy.

When I picked up the plastic casing and noticed how they jiggled inside, I went all caveman on them.

Consider what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry about how you looked while playing with real woman’s tits.

Seriously, this sex toy for the boob is enormous. The skin tone is realistically pale. Nipples are also a pleasant color – a fairly realistic pink.

The nipples are completely smooth; they lack texture.

The Sensation

The best way to enjoy this boob sex toy is to place it on a desk or bed. Attempting to hold them in any other position will be a battle against gravity and weight.

My hands are of average size. picking them up is actually quite difficult due to their sheer weight (3kg) and dimensions. They move and jiggle in different directions (just like real tits), which means you must pay close attention to their balance in order to avoid losing your grip.

However, the true enjoyment is found in the pleasurable qualities.

Lube is required to fully enjoy these tits; I recommend lubing them with a wet bar of soap. It works and cleans your dick, so it’s a win-win situation. Once you’ve mastered all of that, however, these are an absolute joy.

The sensation is not overpowering and is even more pleasurable than titfucking natural tits. Fucking a vagina cannot be compared to titfucking.

It’s a completely different sensation. What separates the orgasm from the titfucking is simply the orgasm’s strength, which is usually quite strong if you enjoy big tits. Two soft, beautiful large jiggly tits wrapped around your dick makes guys like us orgasm extremely hard.

  • Chicifueta Rocket VS Chicifueta

Chichifueta are significantly softer. When you try to fondle the Chichifueta Rocket, for example, it bounces back.

The Chichifueta simply envelops you and welcomes you in, as true large tits do.

Additionally, the Chichifueta Rocket has a faint chemical rubber aroma; in comparison, Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta has a faint pleasant sweet aroma.

The size of the Chichifueta Rocket. You must exercise extreme caution when standing and carrying them.

Balancing these wobbly massive tits, which weigh 4.6kg, is not easy. Finding space may also be a problem. To tuck them under your bed, you’ll need approximately 25cm of free space in height.


I have not yet discovered any issues with durability. This means that only standard caregiving guidelines should be followed.

Cleaning Have no fear, if you make a mess with your Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, cleaning them is simple. Simply rinse them under running water and dry them with a soft cloth.

My only issue was that my sinks were a little too small for the size of these tits, so I placed them in my bathtub and washed them down with the shower hose.

Technical details

Maker   HotPowers (Japan)

Weight 3 kg

Dimensions        (L x W x H in.)     12.2 x 8.30 x 4.72 in

Material               Dual Layer TPE (with gel)

If you’re a fan of large tits, Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta will not only be an excellent purchase, but also an investment in your well-being and health. When you’re close to them and fondling them, you forget they’re not real.

I adore big tits, and because the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta feel authentic and appear authentic up close, they drive me insane in the way that only big titted women can. “They make me want to suck them, kiss them all over, and say things like “oh my god” and other passionate things.”

And everything feels warm and fuzzy, as if everything is right with the world.”

  • Busty Aichan

TOMAX, a Japanese company, was the first to market with a realistic-feeling breast sex toy.

Additionally, they manufacture a variety of other critically acclaimed types of masturbation toys, including their Succubus male masturbator line.


Silky skin-like feel Excellent for fondling, average for titfucking


Because the material is delicate, keep anything sharp, such as uncut nails, away.

If an item is out of stock, plan on waiting 4-6 months for it to restock.

The Busty Aichan is distinguished from older sex toy boobs such as the “Bree Olson CyberSkin® Tit Job Stroker” and “Danni’s CyberSkin® Fantasy Breasts” by a number of factors.

While these two American products look the part with their realistic skin texture and shape, the true test of a big tits toy is always how it feels and responds to touch.

Both of these products are extremely stiff and unsatisfying, which makes them unpleasant to use and difficult to masturbate with.

As much as I wanted to like those two products, I ended up being more frustrated and upset by their cheap feel and the fact that appearances are not everything.

They essentially resembled tit fucking “fake breasts” on a real woman, a truly awful fake breast boob job.

On the other hand, the Busty Aichan is a joy to play with. This big tits sex toy is a must-have for big tits enthusiasts worldwide because it perfectly replicates the feel, appearance, and texture of a natural woman’s breasts.

When I opened the packaging, I was immediately turned on by the sight of such beautifully shaped breasts.

And while the actual nipples lacked the realism of the other big tits sex toys I mentioned previously, this is essentially the only flaw present, and to me, it’s not a deal breaker.

Additionally, the product has a somewhat pungent smell, but that is to be expected with these types of products, and it appears to fade away with each wash.

However, I digress; The Busty Aichan possesses the distinct bounce and jiggle of natural breasts.

They conform to whatever is placed around them perfectly, which makes them a joy to play with and even experiment with.

I found myself constantly experimenting with new techniques, such as flipping it over and pressing the breasts together with my hands; a really enjoyable technique.

  • Comparing the Pink and White Busty Aichan Versions 

I compared the pink and white versions. The flat backside makes it ideal for use on a desk, floor, or bed. Both boobs are not perfectly symmetrical, but this is only noticeable with close examination.

It’s quite small and contributes to the realism (natural tits are not symmetrical either). The material has an extremely smooth texture.

The pink version has a slight pink tint and is therefore somewhat unrealistic, whereas the white version is much more accurate to a natural skin tone.

The overall size of the nipples is identical to the size of the nipples. Apart from the color, the distinction appears to be in the softness.

The primary difference is that the upper tits of the normal version are slightly more firm and elastic, whereas the upper tits of the white version are as soft as the lower tits.

The white Busty Aichan is so soft that your fingers can easily penetrate any part of it, and when grabbed in the manner depicted in the photo, it feels like real large tits.

If you’re a man, you’re going to want to lick it. The material has a smooth and pleasant texture, and the skin feel is excellent.

When I rolled the nipple with my tongue, it was neither too large nor too small, and I even had a sensation of pseudo-sex. Extremely hot.

What is included in the package

Both versions are packaged in the identical blister case. Pink and white versions both contain the same powder and lubricant as the standard version.

All TPE sex toys with large tits bleed some oil. This imparts a slight stickiness to the surface.

To smooth the surface, you can use the included powder or baby powder from your local grocery store.

You will then need to repeat this procedure after washing it. A piece of cardboard is included to secure the Busty Aichan inside the box and prevent it from moving around.

On the cardboard is a poster of a voluptuous girl by Millefeuille, a hentai artist.


As they are the softest and most realistic big tits sex toy available, they require additional care. In comparison to the other big tits sex toys I’ve reviewed, you’ll need to be more gentle with them.

To demonstrate, treat them as you would a real woman who does not appreciate her tits being handled roughly.

You should review the Care Guide’s care instructions, as they apply to all titfuck sex toys:


They could add more color to the nipples to increase realism. And that you must exercise caution when dealing with them.

That is the price you must pay, I suppose, because the material’s softness is what gives them their authentic feel. While genuine tits can recover from rough handling, these cannot.


Cleaning is a breeze; you can use regular soap. Additionally, the soap easily removes any lint or dust that has adhered to the surface.

Technical details

Maker                   Tomax (Japan)

Weight                 2.7 kg

Dimensions        (L x W x H in.)     11.8 x 6.63 x 4.33 in

Material               Dual Layer TPE (with gel)


If you’re looking for pure realism, I recommend the Busty Aichan White version; they feel and jiggle just like real tits. Wonderful for bedtime cuddles and fondling.

The Busty Aichan White version is so gentle that it provides little titfuck stimulation but does an excellent job of simulating real big tits.

On a real woman, real tits provide less stimulation than harder silicone tits. The pink version stimulates more, but is also slightly less realistic. However, they are still more realistic than genuine silicone tits.

If fondling the tits and face diving into them is more important to you than titfucking, purchase the white version. Almost 100% realism.

Purchase the pink version if you’re willing to sacrifice some realism (but not much) in exchange for increased titfuck stimulation.

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  • Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara

The purpose of this breast sex toy was to replicate the breasts of Anzai Rara. She was previously known as Shion Utsunomiya before changing her name to Anzai Rara.

She is one of the most popular Japanese porn stars in the history of Japanese porn. Let’s see how well they did.


While the gel filling feels very realistic, the outer layer is made of a TPE that feels more like rubber than skin when your face is up in them.

Excellent for fondling, average for titfucking 70% realistic feel


  • When your nose is very close to it, it has a rubbery smell that is stronger than the other tits I’ve reviewed. I imagine it would irritate you if you have a strong sense of smell.
  • The width is substantial, but the height is not. Less filling than the other best of list options. There is less meat to move and fondle.

The Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara is made by the renowned onahole manufacturer EXE. It’s their first foray into the world of breast sex toys that we adore.

The product’s purpose was to replicate these lovely tits. Rara’s Anzai. In Japan, a stunning JAV porn model.

  • Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara Fondling Performance in Japan

They feel good when you use them. The shape is exquisite. They jiggle nicely, and the nipples are attractive. So you want to take a face-to-face with them, correct? We boob lovers do not purchase these breast sex toys solely for the purpose of fondling them.

The outer layer is composed of a material that has a rubbery feel rather than a skin-like texture. While the rubbery feel is barely noticeable when using your hands, it is quite noticeable when using your mouth or face. However, given their low price, some drawbacks are to be expected.

There is only one solution to this folding problem. If you possess a sex doll with diminutive tits.

On top, you can place the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara. That slight prod from the sex doll boobs prevents the folding, and everything is fine.

How do these large rubber breasts fare when it comes to titfucking? Regrettably, it does not work well.

The gel filling is concentrated on the boobs’ lower portion.

At the top, there is almost nothing and the majority of the material is a less flexible rubber that does not move. Simply put, there is insufficient rubber breast flesh to envelop your penis head.

What is included in the package

The box is enormous! I must say that the presentation is quite lovely. 9.4412.794.13 inch in dimensions. Around a third of the box is made up of actual rubber boobs.


They are more durable than chichifueta breast sex toys, as the outer layer is made of a harder rubbery material. However, if you are not careful, your nails will leave a mark.

You should review the Care Guide’s care instructions, as they apply to all titfuck sex toys:


Cleaning is a breeze; you can use regular soap. Additionally, the soap easily removes any lint or dust that has adhered to the surface.

Technical details

Maker                   EXE (Japan)

Weight                 6.84 lbs

Dimensions        (L x W x H in.)     12.80 x 9.45 x 4.14 in

Material               Dual Layer TPE (with gel).

summary: I am pleased to announce that the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara has taken over as the new budget choice. Taking the old Paizuri Bakunyu’s throne.

Best Titfuck Sex Toy

  • Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket

Because I was so taken with Hotpowers’ Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, I decided to give their largest titfuck sex toy, the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket, a try.

They appeared to be particularly well-suited for lactation and milkmaid fantasies, in my opinion. Perhaps some milk should be poured over them.

Now, let us examine these rocket boobs in greater detail.

These tits can wrap vertically around your dick. There is a cleavage at the base of the boobs, which allows you to feel the boobs’ pressure when placed.

The tits have a smooth and slippery feel, and when lotion is applied, your dick will be swallowed up by the sea of flesh. The tits can be moved in a variety of directions, giving you complete control over how you want to use the toy.

To my mind, the stimulation of the tits is quite pleasant, but not quite as pleasant as the much gentler Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta. Because it is softer, it completely envelops your dick.

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket is significantly less soft, and thus does not completely encircle your dick.


Here are a few pointers to help them feel more authentic:

Warm them slightly with warm water first (if your room is warm, this step is unnecessary).

Reduce the brightness

Dress them in seductive attire.

What is included in the package

As is the case with all of Zuritte Oppai’s titfuck sex toys, the box for the Chichifueta Rockets is simple.

It comes packaged in a cardboard box and includes an illustrated card with some basic information about them in Japanese and other languages. Intriguingly uninteresting.


They are extremely durable as long as they are properly cared for. I could vigorously grope and flop them around without encountering any issues with the material. Nothing particularly stands out in terms of durability.

Simply follow the standard care instructions for titfuck sex toys.


I was hoping they would be as soft as the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, but they appear to be made of a less supple material. When you attempt to fondle them around your face, for example, the material bounces back.

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta simply envelops you and welcomes you in, much like a genuine large tit does.

Additionally, they have a slight chemical rubber aroma, whereas Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta has a faint pleasant sweet aroma.

The dimensions. You must exercise extreme caution when standing and carrying them. Balancing these wobbly massive tits, which weigh 4.6kg, is not easy.

Finding space may also be a problem. To tuck them under your bed, you’ll need approximately 25cm of free space in height.


Cleaning is a breeze; you can use regular soap. Additionally, the soap easily removes any lint or dust that has adhered to the surface.


Maker                   HotPowers (Japan)

Weight                 4.6 kg

Dimensions        (L x W x H in.)     12.2 x 7.70 x 4.72 in

Material               Dual Layer TPE (with gel)


To reproduce tits in a rocket shape, some engineering work is required; if the material is made too soft, will it retain its shape at this size?

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the disadvantages section, the less soft material that holds these tits together has bounced back. As a result, I am unable to recommend it above the other titles on the ‘Best Of List.

  • Paizuri Bakunyu (I cup fucking tits) Breast Sex.

Paizuri Bakunyu by Magic Eyes has long been regarded as the best value for money when it comes to obtaining large tits sex toys at a reasonable price.

There is also a tanned version known as Fluffy Tan Paizuri Bakunyu, which I have not tried yet.

Let us examine the original version in greater detail to determine whether they live up to their reputation.

So, what exactly is a paizuri sex toy, and what does the term Paizuri Bakunyu mean? In Japanese, ‘Paizuri’ means ‘Titfuck,’ while ‘Bakunyu’ means ‘breast explosion.

Congratulations, you have now mastered the most critical Japanese terms for titfuck toys.

The Paizuri Bakunyu is also known by two other English names:

I-cup paizuri bakunyu fucking tits and I-cup paizuri bakunyu mega breasts

This paizuri toy was released in 2016, prior to the existence of dual-layered paizuri toys. They were all constructed from the same material, TPE. They remain popular because Magic Eyes did an exceptional job with their TPE formula.

They are quite soft for a TPE-only paizuri sex toy. Production has also increased in recent years as the product has gained popularity and the price has decreased.

The nipples are something I adore. They have a pleasant texture. Many of the other higher-end dual-layered boob sex toy models are either devoid of texture or completely devoid of it. The nipples of the Paizuri Bakunyu have a pleasant texture, are soft and elastic. Consider sucking on erect nipples; that is exactly how they are.

Breast flesh feels soft and squishy, much softer than nipple flesh. However, they are not soft enough to resemble natural breasts.

Closer proximity to a female with silicone tits (real-life silicone tits are not as soft as natural ones). They are seductive and seductive, but lack the sensation associated with dual-layered breasts, which can fool your mind into believing the breasts are real.

Titfuck Performance

When squeezed together, the cleavage is extremely tight, which is fantastic. They produce a more compressed sensation than dual-layer boob sex toys. You get less realism in exchange for increased titfuck stimulation.

That is the cost-benefit analysis. As with titfucking silicone tits in real life, there is more stimulation, but it is less sexy for many. There is no jiggle.

What is included in the package

This paizuri sex toy comes packaged in an attractive box that contains the casing with the boobs. As a result, the packaging is unremarkable.


The base of this paizuri toy is quite delicate; it appears as though it could tear if the breasts are lifted from one side only. You must exercise caution when lifting those 2.7kg breasts; use two hands. Because the nipples are glued on, I would avoid pulling them too hard.

Additionally, you should review the Care Guide’s pointers for proper care, as they apply to all paizuri sex toys:


Oil bleeds from every paizuri sex toy. For the first month, the Paizuri Bakunyu has a significant amount of oil bleed; however, this gradually subsides. It is not dangerous, but you should ensure that there is some sort of barrier between the breasts and whatever you intend to wear them with. There will always be some oil bleed, but it will become less frequent over time.


Cleaning the Paizuri Bakunyu is a breeze, as there are no crevices for mold to grow. You may use ordinary soap.

Additionally, the soap easily removes any lint or dust that has adhered to the surface. After that, you can try them on with a towel.

Technical details

Maker                   Magic Eyes (Japan)

Weight                 2.7 kg

Dimensions        (L x W x H in.)     12.6 x 11.2 x 5.75 in

Material               TPE


These were previously the most frequently recommended budget rubber tits. However, they have been surpassed by the more recent Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara, which was released in 2019.

What is the point of Titty Fuck?

To begin, let us discuss why breast sex is even worth discussing. While it looks fantastic on porn, is it actually worthwhile? After all, there is little to gain for her.

Additionally, it may lack the satisfaction and stimulation associated with vaginal, anal, or even oral sex.

However, here’s the kicker: it doesn’t have to be.

Titty fucking is not meant to be the main attraction, and it is not something you do on a daily basis.

Consider it as a top-tier, mix-it-up activity. You can use it to add some spice and variety to your typical bedroom rodeo.

The following are some of the primary reasons why it’s such an excellent mix-it-up activity:

Tighter Squeeze – let’s face it, ladies, we can use ben wa balls and perform all the kegel exercises we want, but we still have no control over how tight things are down there. However, we are with titty fucking.

The more tightly you squeeze them together, the more constricted things will feel for your man. True, you could accomplish the same thing with a handjob, but it would be far less erotic.

Demonstrate Your Assets – If your partner is a boob-man, he’ll almost certainly jump at the chance to experience them more in the bedroom.

Tit wanks draw attention to your breasts. It’s a nice boost to your confidence to see them being so *cough* thoroughly appreciated, and a fantastic opportunity for him to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sexploration – good sex is all about trying new things and getting to know one another’s bodies.

If you’ve never had booby sex before, this is a new opportunity for you to experiment together, which can help you grow closer and more intimate.

Breast Sex Fundamentals

This is not high-flying science. The basic concept is that you insert his penis between your cleavage, squeeze your breasts together to ‘grab it,’ and then move them up and down to rub and remove him.

Depending on your position, he can divide the work and thrust between them instead, while you concentrate on holding your breasts together. Your breasts exist primarily to provide friction.

They’re performing the same function as your hand would if you gave him a handjob.

Simple, isn’t it?

Of course, if you’ve never attempted it before, it may sound intimidating. If you’re nervous, I’d advise you to ease into it.

Perhaps speaking with your partner beforehand to inform him of your intention to try it out will help alleviate some of the nerves.

It’s possible that you’re not yet at a point in your relationship where you feel sexually confident enough to experiment with something like this. In that case, perhaps give it some time. It’s more of a sixth- or seventh-time thing than a first-time thing.

Best Lube For Booby Sex

Lubrication, as previously stated, is critical. Before you begin, moisten those puppies to ensure that his shaft slides through smoothly and without causing friction burns.

The slicker the surface, the more comfortable it is.

There are numerous lubes available, and while the majority of them perform similarly, some are better for tit wanks than others.

Body-safe silicone lubes are an excellent choice because they are long-lasting (you won’t need to reapply it frequently), easy to clean, and feel fantastic.

Additionally, you can use lubes that are water- or oil-based.

Many couples prefer oil-based lubes because they are extremely long-lasting, which is critical when engaging in a friction-intensive activity, and because they perceive them to be more erotic.

While they are greasier and more difficult to clean, the greasy sensation feels more animalistic.

You can purchase commercially manufactured oil-based lubes or make your own using coconut oil or petroleum jelly.

The typical disadvantages of oil-based lubricants (incompatibility with latex condoms, less body-safe, etc.) do not apply here because they are not used internally and you are less likely to be using a condom.

Begin by deciding on the type of lube you prefer (water-, oil-, or silicone-based) and then shopping around.

If you’re looking for recommendations, my first choice would be Ann Summers’ Boob Lube. As the name implies, it is designed specifically for breast sex and is extremely abrasion resistant. Take a look!

If you truly do not wish to invest in lube, you will have to rely entirely on spit. That’s fine; many people do, but be prepared to reapply frequently.

Top Ten Titty Sex Suggestions

There is a significant difference between a good and a bad tit wank. To assist you, here are some expert tips. Adhering to the guidelines below will help ensure that both of you have a good time.

  1. The Build Up Matters

Without any preamble, diving straight into a tit fuck is not the most natural thing in the world. If you’ve never done it before, he may be surprised.

To be sure, spontaneity is admirable, but it can also come across as a little awkward if it occurs completely unexpectedly.

It’s far preferable to build up to it, both to heighten his anticipation and desire and to ensure he understands where you’re going.

That way, when you finally get around to it, it will feel more natural and less unexpected.

A good place to begin is with your customary foreplay. Stimulate his dick with your hands and work him hard, then kiss your way down his body until your chest is level with his groin.

Lean in until your breasts are next to his penis and then begin gently rubbing them on it.

You can incorporate some dirty talk here if you wish and inquire as to what he wishes you to do next (but you already know that, right?).

Slid his penis in between your breasts and take it from there when it feels natural.

  1. Finish In Style

The finish is even more critical than the construction. One of the best aspects of this act is that it positions him perfectly for a finish on your chest or face.

This is a significant part of the appeal of tit wanking to many men, and allowing him to finish on you is certain to be a pleasant surprise for him.

Allow him to pass over your chest and then run your fingers through it; if you enjoy swallowing, collect some of it on your fingers and lick it off, leaving some on your lips.

It’s an extremely filthy and erotic way to end, provided you’re comfortable with it.

  1. Establish Who Is In Control

Consider who you’d prefer to be in control of the action in advance; this will assist you in selecting an appropriate position and determining who’s on top.

If you prefer to maintain control, the ‘kneeling tit wank’ position is preferable because it provides a better angle and leverage for moving your breasts up and down.

If you prefer him to take the initiative, a thrusting-oriented position such as the ‘chest straddle’ is preferable.

We’ve discussed both of these positions in greater detail below.

  1. Wetter is Preferable

In comparison to your vagina, your breasts do not self-lubricate. As such, it’s critical to incorporate some of your own lube into the equation.

Otherwise, there may be too much friction for him to enjoy. And believe me when I say that nobody wants a friction burn on their junk.

There are numerous lubes on the market that are excellent for mammary intercourse; we’ll discuss a few of the best later in this article.

If you’d rather not use real lube, a great way to add moisture is to begin with a blowjob to pre-wet his dick, or spit on it before you begin.

Your saliva will act as lubricant, but only for a brief period.

Another possibility is to save breast sex for the bathtub or shower. Not only does the water act as lubricant, but it’s also extremely hot.

  1. Consider Wearing Your Bra

One of the most significant disadvantages of this technique is the requirement to clasp your breasts together.

Not only is this strenuous on the arms, but it also requires both hands.

To circumvent this issue, you can always wear your bra with a loose middle. It’ll keep your boobs in place while still allowing him to slide underneath and thrust.

Thus, you can walk around with your hands free and use them to explore your body (or his).

Naturally, wearing a bra makes things a little more physically challenging, and it’s a little less erotic than going topless, but it’s an option.

  1. Eye contact is Important

Eye contact is a critical component of eroticism and aids in arousal, so incorporate it whenever possible.

While you’re stimulating your partner with your breasts, look up at him and hold his gaze for a few seconds to intensify the experience.

Additionally, if you want to really spice things up, you can incorporate some dirty talk.

  1. Include Sex Toys For Her

It’s a well-known fact that a tit wank is more enjoyable for him than for her. While the emphasis is on his pleasure, there is little stimulation available to her.

To make matters worse, she will be unable to use her hands for pleasure because they will be used to hold her breasts together.

Guys, ensure she receives hers as well by including some sex toys in the mix.

For instance, you could place a vibrator beneath her or have her wear a pair of controllable vibrating pantyhose. This way, both of you will benefit equally from the experience.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Nipples

This is another piece of advice for the gentlemen out there. Because her nipples are erogenous zones, you can reciprocate by showering them with affection.

While you’re holding her breasts, gently pinch them, rub them, or draw circles around them – whatever feels most comfortable for your partner.

For more information on this, see our guide to nipple play.

  1. Make Use of Your Mouth

Contrary to what the name implies, titty fucking is not exclusively about the titties – it’s also important to use your mouth.

While you’re rubbing or he’s thrusting, try stimulating the end of his penis with your tongue or lips. Trust me; it will significantly increase his pleasure.

  1. Move On When The Time’s Right

Finally, don’t feel obligated to continue with booby sex until the very end, as this will quickly become tiresome.

Breast sex is rarely sufficient to cause him to climax and is almost certainly insufficient to cause her to orgasm, so treat it as foreplay and move on to the good stuff when you’ve had your fill.

The Most Appropriate Titty Fuck Positions

If you thought breast sex’s sex position options were limited, think again. There are actually a plethora of interesting positions that you can experiment with to keep things interesting. Listed below are a few of our favorites.

  1. Chest Straddle (Cock to Mouth):

She reclines in a chair or on a bed. He climbs to the top and straddles her chest, his penis positioned between her cleavage and facing her mouth.

While he thrusts, she uses both hands (unless she is wearing a bra with a loose middle) to push her boobs together and provide friction.

Alternatively, he can push them together with his hands while she uses hers to attend to herself.

Why it’s fantastic: This is the traditional titty-fuck pose. It empowers him by literally ‘fucking’ her breasts, which feels more natural and powerful for him and more submissive for her.

Additionally, this is the ideal position for a facial.

  1. Reverse Chest Straddle (Ass to Mouth)

Technique: This is essentially the same as the previous position, except that he is facing the opposite direction. She lies on her back once more, her partner straddling her chest.

This time, his posterior should be aimed directly at her face.

He squeezes her breasts together with both hands, then slides his penis between them, thrusting back and forth.

Make it hotter: His buttocks should push back over her face as he thrusts. If you’re an anilingus fan, she can use her tongue to investigate his arse when this occurs.

He can also reach down and play with her clitoral area, finger her vagina, or play with her nipples with his hands.

Why it’s fantastic: The direction he’s facing enables him to stimulate her while he thrusts, allowing both partners to exit simultaneously without the use of sex toys.

This is a quality that many other positions lack. Additionally, it provides the gals with an excellent view of their partners’ rears while they’re thrusting and positions it perfectly for a little anilingus.

Unlike the previous position, he will not be facing her face, making this an ineffective setup for a facial, but it is a nice position to finish with a body shot over her stomach if he is into that.

  1. Kneeling Tit Wank

Technique: He begins by perching on the end of a couch, bed, table, or any other surface. She kneels in front of him, her chest level with his groin.

After lubricating, she presses her boobs together and slides them up and down his shaft. To keep things interesting, she can alternate between breasts, hands, and mouth.

Increase the heat: While stroking him with your boobs, gently suck on the tip of his penis or draw circles with your tongue. Face him with your lustful gaze.

Why it’s awesome: Unlike the previous positions, she is in control here. Because he is not thrusting, she completely controls the pace of the action while he simply sits back and enjoys it.

She can take pleasure in being the boss, while he takes pleasure in being at her mercy. It’s the ideal position for some lighthearted teasing.

Another advantage of this position is that it is similar to a basic blowjob, which makes transitioning from and to fellatio simple.

This is ideal for couples who are unfamiliar with this technique and wish to ease into it gradually.

  1. Lying Tit Wank

Technique: This position is very similar to the previous one, except that it is more horizontal than vertical.

He reclines on a bed while she ascends, positioning her breasts at the same level as his penis.

She lowers herself until her breasts are in close proximity to her penis, then presses them together and rubs them up and down to stimulate.

Why it’s fantastic: This is a slight variation on the kneeling tit wank, but it is arguably more comfortable for both partners due to the fact that you will both be lying on a mattress.

Again, she is the one in control here, as she is the one who controls the stimulation.

It’s less intimate than the kneeling tit wank because you won’t be facing each other directly, which means there will be less opportunity for eye contact.

This can be either a good or a bad thing. While this is less intimate, it can also be less awkward and more comfortable for both of you.

Not everyone is at ease staring into their partner’s eyes while getting frisky.

  1. Sideways Tit Fuck Technique:

Both partners lie on their sides in a bed. She should be positioned lower than him so that her boobs are level with his dick.

She wraps them around his penis and squeezes the one on top between the top one and the one against the mattress with one hand.

She can use her hand to slide her breasts up and down; he can thrust; or you can do both!

Why it’s fantastic: While this position may appear physically awkward, it can be extremely hot.

The primary advantage is that you and your partner share control of the thrusting, ensuring that no one has complete control.

Additionally, because you’re on your side, gravity assists you in holding your breasts together.

You can achieve a tighter squeeze by pushing them together with one hand, leaving the other free to roam his body, rub your clit, or do whatever else you want!

  1. Modified 69 Technique:

This is a variation on the 69 sex position, but with the female partner providing stimulation through her breasts rather than her mouth.

He lies on his back, facing one direction, while she lies on top, facing the opposite direction.

Her chest should be roughly level with his groin, and his head should be sandwiched between her legs.

She rubs his penis between her breasts, switching between her mouth and her breasts to drive him insane.

This works best if she is slightly taller than average, allowing her chest to naturally fall to her groin level.

If she is shorter and there is a significant height disparity, it may be more difficult to pull off. She may need to lift her breasts a couple of inches higher to accomplish this.

Why it’s fantastic: Personally, this is my preferred sex position for booby banging. It’s probably a familiar one for the majority of you – after all, we’ve all heard of the legendary 69.

This combines everything we love about the 69 (oral stimulation for both of you simultaneously) with everything we love about the titty fuck to create a truly awesome sex position.

He can stimulate her clitoral area with his mouth while she removes him using her boobs and mouth. What more could you possibly desire?

  1. Modified Upside-Down Facefuck Position

This is a variation on the traditional upside-down facefuck. She is lying on her back on a couch or bed, her head dangling over the edge.

He rises to his feet and positions himself behind her, his penis adjacent to her head. Rather than thrusting into her mouth, he takes a step forward and thrusts between her breasts, his legs on either side of her head.

She extends both hands upward, squeezing them together.

Why it’s fantastic: For him, this is an incredibly powerful, dominant position. He is completely in command, and his standing position provides leverage for more powerful thrusting.

Due to his elevated position, he also has a good view of the action and can see her entire body.

Due to the fact that she is holding her own breasts together, his hands are free to grab her hips for additional leverage, stimulate her clit, or finger her G-spot.

This position is a little more strenuous than some of the others above and is not for the faint of heart.

Having said that, it can be a fantastic way for experimental partners to turn up the heat.

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