Best Sex Dolls With Hymen [My Experience]

Sex dolls are becoming more rampant by the day just like vibrators for women, the sex dolls with hymen are designed for males.

We all know hymns are what is used in determining a woman’s virginity, they are a thin covering that covers the opening of the vagina, the hymen can get broken during sexual intercourse and some men enjoy the act of disvirging their partner hence the interest on sex dolls with hymen.

Sex dolls are constantly evolving and these days you can come across sex dolls that look and feel realistically that a woman.

Sex dolls are mainly men’s sex to us designed specifically to pleasure a man like a woman would.

There are different categories of sex dolls out there and these days, sex dolls are springing up having hymen, giving the man the ultimate pleasure to break her in.

The hymen placed in a sex doll determines its virginity and the fact that it has not been slept with before being sold

Best Hymen Sex Doll

Most sex dolls’ vaginas are quite the same in general, you either get a fixed vagina or an insert which is a replaceable vagina.

But these days with sex doll manufacturers trying to make these dolls as realistic as possible, there have been increasing options to customize your doll’s vagina to your taste.

Some sex doll producers have gone ahead to add features like multiple different internal fixtures for their sex toys, brands like Dolls forever, Piper dolls, Dollhouse 168, etc.

Most especially Dollhouse 168 have various ranges of doll and their Evo range makes it possible for a customer to purchase a doll having a hymen that is still intact, and not only does it have a hymen, the hymen can also be broken in giving you the satisfaction of breaking in a virgin.

Taking a woman’s virginity for some men is a fantasy they want to live through, well the EVO range has made this very real for them.

An instance of a doll that is a virgin is the Auburn sex doll.

Auburn is customizable, you can start by customizing her hair, and her eyes amongst other things.

To make it realistic, Auburn was designed using silicon, which makes her a little lifelike, this doll is fitted with three magnificent orifices, and what’s better, she is a virgin that is very eager to learn and please you.

The three orifices she is fitted with are:

  • Her mouth for blow jobs
  • Her Anus for Anal sex
  • Her Vagina for you to get so lost in it until you release your loads.

Depending on what you are looking for and what turns you on, you can request dolls with penetrable hymen and enjoy the feeling of deflowering the doll, if your kinky is on virginity.

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Real Doll with Intact Hymen

The only Real Doll with Intact Hymen is The Evo from Doll House 168, most dolls producers started adding the hymen feature after getting lots of messages from users inquiring about the virginity of their love toy.

The hymen on a love doll is a thin membrane of silicon that is attached to the labia, the hymen can be easily pushed in using your finger, it is very soft platinum silicon fixed just a little past the labia.

  • DH-168EVO-Sasa- 5ft 1(156cm)

The DH-170  Evo Sasa is a love doll product manufactured by Doll House 168 Evo, this love doll has a height of 170 and features three orifices that you can use to your satisfaction, mouth for oral sex, anus for anal sex, and the vagina for traditional penetration sex.

It is made from a TPE material that makes its skin human-like and it is extremely flexible, meaning you can put your doll in any position of your choice.

Each love doll from this series can be tailored and made for you.

This product in the love doll or sex doll version has extra customization options, it even has the possibility of adding a molded vagina that has a hymen intact, not just having a hymen, but one that can be penetrated making men that their innate desire is to deflower a woman come true for them.

The DH-178 EVO-Sasa-5ft 1(156cm)  can be customized to your specification, you get to choose what your fuck buddy looks like, you have got the privilege to choose the eye color, the type of wig, skin color, vagina type,e either you want the vagina fixed or the insert, the feet type, the pubic hair.

The Evo- Sasa features a new skeleton model that offers you a shrugging shoulder, a kneeling position with bent knees, and the seiza, a Japanese position.

After purchasing this product, you will be given a gift, the gift comprises shimmy/underwear and a caning set to enable you in caring for your doll. Some featured parameters of this love doll include:

A height of 170cm, which makes it petite, an E bra cup size, the weight of this beauty is 36kg, making it light and easy for you to move around and set in any position of your choosing.

It has a mouth depth of 13cm making for a good deep throated oral, and a 16cm real tight vagina depth.

it has 15.5cm as its anal depth and a hip of 92cm, its natural hair color is brunette, has a white skin color, and is of the Asian race, but if you don’t like the hair color, I am sure the doll can be customized just to your liking.

She is a skinny type of love doll, she is made with watery eyes that make you feel she is communicating with you with her eyes, this love doll comes with an easily removable head connector if you will like to change the head

Pros  of The DH-178 EVO-Sasa-5ft 1(156cm)

  • This doll is a real virgin with its intact hymen that it comes with
  • It features a lifelike skin texture, with a strong and durable metal skeleton
  • It features a lateral hip bend from left to right
  • It enables squatting
  • Have a virgin doll upgrade that is only available for fixed vagina and not the inset one.

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